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Bus schedules and tickets in Peru


The affordable way to see Peru!




Most travelers choose buses for long-distance travel in Peru. They’re not only cheap, but clean and comfortable.

Popular destinations are far away from each other, so travelers have to hop onto long-distance buses to see all the treasures that Peru has to offer. Peruvians, as well as the travelers on a tight budget, love the affordable public transport that buses provide.

Bus travel is cheap in Peru. Go from the northern to the southern border For just under $100 in low season.  Or between Lima and Cusco for around $50.  In the less touristed regions out in the mountains and high plains, expect the price to go even lower.

Are Peru buses safe and comfortable?

Most definitely! Travel with a top-end or mid-range carrier and you will have a carefree journey. Reputable bus companies in Peru service their coaches regularly and tend carefully to speed limits and keep two drivers on board for regular driver rotation.

We recommend avoiding lower-end bus companies in Peru when you have choices as they will usually have older buses more subject to mechanical failure or and less comfortable interior seating. The expensive bus companies are really not any more expensive and they have operations and staff that cater to international standards, with high security and safety in place.

Most of the major carriers in Peru have buses with two decks. The lower deck is usually the first-class cabin with less than 10 wide-bodied seats and fuller recline, and the upper deck is “semi-cama” or coach class seating that is more economical. Both decks receive equal service.